Let us bake your tezos

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Available delegation capacity: Over deligated
  • Baking with TezosRus is uncomplicated and transparent
  • Robust security features are in place
  • Premium servers minimize downtime
  • Rewards are paid in a timely manner every cycle
  • Autonomous scripts pay rewards directly into your wallet
  • You retain control of your wallet and tokens

This is how you delegate your Tezos:
Step-by-step manual

Current Baker State
Staking Bond 0.0000
Staking Balance 0.0000
Staking Capacity nan
Bond Requirement nan %

Cycle : Baking block /4096 (#)

  • If you delegate to us now during the current cycle 0, we can start baking for you in cycle 6
  • At cycle 12 we receive the baking reward of cycle 6 and send your reward to your delegate account
  • If your reward before payout is very small, we will keep it until at least 1 ꜩ has accumulated